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Welcome to the Library and Information Science Education 2.0 blog! This blog is part of an ALTC-funded project investigating ‘librarian 2.0’ and ‘library education 2.0’ – in other words the skills, knowledge and education required of LIS professionals operating in an increasingly collaborative online environment (yes – the web 2.0 world!).

We are currently approaching the end of the project’s first phase, in which 14 focus groups were conducted with LIS industry members about what librarian 2.0 and LIS education 2.0 mean to them.  Naturally not everyone was able to participate in these focus groups, so this is your chance to be involved in an area that will only continue to become more important to us as LIS professionals, students, employers, and educators.

We want you to find out more about what we’re doing (hint – check out the About page!), and most of all to encourage each of you to share your knowledge and opinions with us and with each other.  Of course you are welcome to place your comments in any area of this blog, but as well as this we have created a special space where you may engage in more specific discussion about the idea of librarian 2.0, on our “Librarian 2.0?” page.  There you will find a video and a document containing comments from LIS professionals and others like yourselves, as to the skills and knowledge required by the ‘LIS professional 2.0’.  You can use these as inspiration for your own ideas and comments, or you can simply jump in and get started!

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the “Librarian 2.0?” page and have your say.  We want you to feel free to collaborate with us and help us to expand our knowledge base in an important area that will ultimately affect all of us as the web 2.0 phenomenon continues to evolve.  Also please keep checking back regularly, as the blog will continue to be updated throughout the project’s duration, with news, events, project outcomes and other relevant information.

Thank you for visiting, and we hope to hear from many of you soon!


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