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Both entertaining and enlightening, the Library 101 project has just been launched by David Lee King and Michael Porter.  Aimed at inspiring us to integrate past, present and future librarian skills in order to continue thriving in a changing environment, the project is collaborative and ongoing.  Check out their ‘music video’ below for a fun introduction to their idea:

Library 101 by David Lee King and Michael Porter

Do be sure to check out their list for 100+ past, present and future skills for the profession, many of which could easily apply to librarian 2.0.  A very thorough and thought-provoking list!

You can check out an interesting assortment of essays from library professionals on the website as well.  Happy reading!

If you find something that you feel is important (or lacking) for librarian 2.0 skills and knowledge then we would love to know about it – we’ve been discussing similar ideas on our “Librarian 2.0?” page.


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An interesting video from Aarhus Public Libraries in Denmark is a good example of how ‘library 2.0’ can be seen as being about more than just the technology.  Here the Aarhus Main Library’s focus is on involving the users in order to cater to their needs; user collaboration and participatory design in libraries is encouraged.

From the video: “In the new library, user-driven innovation will be part of the daily work. The user’s needs are in focus.”

Click to play video

Unleash the Users by transformationlab

For those who are interested, you can read more about the concept of user-driven innovation and the Aarhus Main Library in the report “The Library’s Voice: A Guide to User-driven Innovation”, available as an ePaper or PDF in both Danish and English from http://www.aakb.dk/sw135335.asp

As LIS professionals in Australia, are we headed in a similar direction?

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