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The latest podcast from JISC, “A self-confessed geek on JISC’s ‘Developer Happiness’ event”, talks about ways web 2.0 is having an impact on e-learning developments.  At the beginning of the interview David Flanders (Digital Library and e-Learning Programme Manager at JISC) talks about how web 2.0 is enabling a more informal type of learning, as well as enhancing learning in higher education.  The development of some specific learning innovations is discussed, and in the last few minutes of the interview some implications for library and information professionals in higher education are mentioned.

You can listen to the podcast by going to the JISC website, or by clicking to play below:

JISC Podcast: “A self-confessed geek on JISC’s ‘Developer Happiness’ event” (duration 12.50)  Source

A transcript of the audio file has also been made available at the JISC website for those unable to listen to the podcast.

It is interesting to think about how web 2.0 is changing not only the content but the delivery of learning for information professionals.  As always, we would be happy for you to share your comments and join in the discussion on our “Librarian 2.0?” page!


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