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Recently another conference paper discussing ‘librarian 2.0’ competencies has been made available online via the E-prints in Library and Information Science archive (E-LIS).  The paper, “Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians: Exploring Considerations and Engaging Participation” by Joe Murphy and Heather Moulaison, was presented earlier this year at the 14th National ACRL Conference, and discusses some suggested competencies for librarians engaging with online social networking tools.

The authors list the following competencies as necessary for social networking literate librarians:

  1. Understanding and articulating social networking sites and their goals
  2. Creating content
  3. Evaluating information
  4. Applying information ethically and legally
  5. Searching and navigating
  6. Interacting
  7. Teaching
  8. Providing services
  9. Flexibility

From the paper:

…Librarians need a new branch of skill sets specific to utilizing and leveraging social networking sites to provide quality services and maintain their role as information experts in a Web 2.0 world.

The following competencies are a suggested set of skills that librarians should possess as social networking literate information professionals capable of implementing library services and utilizing information within social networking sites…

The entire paper is available to download via E-LIS.

You might like to think about how these skills compare to ideas of librarian competencies before the explosion of web 2.0 technologies. 

Remember that you are always welcome to share your thoughts on our “Librarian 2.0?” page as well.


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